Drillo the Crocodile and the Rainbow Fairies

Gaia Bermani Amaral, Roberto Cotroneo

A portion of the profits generated by the sells of this tale, will be donated to UNICEF for Syrian children beaten by war.
The cover and all the illustrations have been made by Serena Riglietti which is Harry Potter´s Italian illustrator.


fate-arcobalenoOnce upon a time there was a mountain lake, hidden by a chain of mountains that surrounded it, almost as though they wanted to embrace it. The peaks were high and jagged like a line of triangles one after the other, and silver and pinkish bronze clouds rested on them like precious necklaces round a neck. The legend of the lake says that the tops were so high that they pierced the sky from time to time, letting stardust fall onto the lake and the brilliant green wood. The lake, as perfectly round as a globe, never froze in winter, it just took on a colour closer to the cobalt blue of the eyes of the fairies who lived in the caves behind the waterfall - the Rainbow Fairies, guardians of that unique, enchanted place.
One day, in search of friendship, a huge Brazilian crocodile with sad eyes arrived mysteriously on the banks of the lake populated by a tribe of fluorescent fish.
“My name is Drillo, Drillo the vegetarian crocodile, and I’m looking for new friends … My community of carnivorous crocodiles has thrown me out because I like eating algae and bamboo shoots.”
And yet, the fish, frightened by the enormous jaws of the green reptile decided to flee in the night and reach the mouth of the Infinite Sea, ready to start a new life.
In the morning, wallowing in the waters of the lake, looking for company, Drillo realised that the Mountain Lake was completely deserted. Where had all the coloured fish gone?
It wasn’t long before the Rainbow Fairies also discovered the fateful event and immediately called a meeting of the fairies to decide what to do. It was the youngest fairy, Nanì, who found the courage to approach the crocodile who couldn’t stop crying.
“Why are you crying, Drillo?”
“Because I feel so lonely now that the lake has emptied. I’m not bad… I’m a good crocodile”.
The young fairy softened and said: “I’ll go and look for our dear fluorescent friends to bring them back home but you must promise to stop crying. The level of the water in the lake is rising rapidly and if our caves beyond the waterfall are submerged, my sister fairies and I will all die. Can you imagine how desolate the world would be without rainbows?”
Despite the persuasive words of the young fairy, the vegetarian crocodile couldn’t stop his tears. The only solution was to go to the home of the Great Talking Clock as soon as possible. Only he has the power to stop time thus enabling Nanì to start the adventure of a long journey in search of the fluorescent fish, bring the smile back to Drillo’s face and save the fairy community.
How many hardships would she have to overcome? What places would she find to search? Who would she meet on her path? And, above all, would our young fairy be able to conclude her heroic mission?

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